Carla and I have helped dozen of people create positive & permanent change in their lives. But don’t take my word for it! Read on to see what they’re saying.


I feel the need to preface this by mentioning that I’m a VERY skeptical person. I always assumed that hypnotization was a farce…an act being put on for the benefit of onlookers. After a series of low-points in my life, a friend finally convinced me to give hypnotherapy a try. At my consultation with Daneaya, I expressed my sincere doubts about, well…everything. I told her that even IF she had the ability to hypnotize people, it probably wouldn’t work on me anyway because I’m not usually willing to let go of control. Her response blew me away; she just chuckled and said “Great! Thank you for your honesty!”. The sheer confidence she expressed in that moment was the first inkling that perhaps my presuppositions had been wrong.

I went to Daneaya hoping I’d find some way to get “inspired” about my life, but what she gave me is so much more than that.

Two years ago I was in limbo. I had zero work ethic, very little confidence in my abilities, and everything I did to attempt to better myself felt like a “one step forward, two steps back” cycle of frustration. The way I thought about myself was bleak and unforgiving.

Today, everything (and I mean that almost literally) has changed. I’m able to manage myself and my time more effectively, I’ve started a truly successful business doing what I love, and for the first time ever I can proudly state that I’m really good at what I do. I’m actually present with my family and friends (instead of ruminating about how bad everything is), and I see the world through a significantly clearer lens.

For the first time ever, I actually feel like I’m in control of my life. I now have the ability to decide how I react to the world around me (rather than allowing it to dictate how I feel), and that’s something especially powerful.


I’ve been going to Daneaya and Carla for about a year. I initially went in, in hopes of changing some aspects in my life. I found out quickly my whole life would be changed and I would be gaining life time friends. My life has been transformed and each time I go I gain tools to help me in my everyday life. We have worked on clearing past traumas, working with triggers as well as healing my brain and body. Every time I leave a session I feel lighter and release a lot the following days. Hypnosis has helped me work with subconscious healing and rewiring of the aspects I wanted to change. Body talk helps deepen the hypnosis and clear my physical issues. I am so grateful to have found these two, thank you for helping me become who I am today!


I came to Daneaya and Carla in desperate need of help. I was depressed and anxious beyond measure; barely functioning on a day to day basis. Not only have they helped me to get back up on my feet, but they have helped to me to rediscover my joy in life and in myself. They are both an absolute joy to be around too! I can’t think of two better people on the whole planet and I can’t imagine going to anyone else for the wonderful services that they provide. 

R.& D. V.

My husband and I have had wonderful and surprising results from the time spent with Carla and Daneaya. My husband was referred by a friend of his that had fantastic success with her personal situation, so we thought we would give it a try.  We have each had appointments with the ladies and have compared our experiences with each other.  It is quite apparent that the connection that this team has is very beneficial to the patients.  We have noticed an overall feeling of relaxation  and calm that will carry on into the rest of the day and points forward.  With both of us employed, it is rare that we feel relaxed and calm on most days. We will be exploring the other treatment options that are available from Daneaya and Carla. We are both very satisfied, appreciative and happy we connected with this team.


I’ve been seeing Daneaya for about a year and recently had a session with both these amazing healers (Danayea and Carla). The changes I have seen and felt in myself are truly astounding. I have longed to feel the peace in my heart and head for years. Working with these beautiful souls has afforded me not only peace but a deep understanding of this long journey. Thank you both for the freedom I never knew existed, I am forever grateful.

In addition to my own healing, Carla and Daneaya did distant healing on my Grandson while he was in the hospital (he had terrible accident and required some pretty big surgery). Jack made a miraculous turnaround within a day of these beauties working on him, from totally intubated to walking across the room in 24 hrs. So Blessed!!


Before working with Daneaya, I struggled mentally with many aspects of my life. Together we worked on these issues in our 13 beautiful sessions. I’m going to leave the details to these out as I don’t feel like publicly sharing my struggles at this time. I could seriously lay there and just listen to her talk all day… She has such a beautiful voice. She created a safe space for us to work in, which is important because when you are working with deep seated issues such as the ones I was working on, you really need a safe container to be able to fully express yourself. It is quite remarkable what can come out of the subconscious mind. When she would ask me questions, I would answer with the first thing that I thought/saw, and more often than not was pretty surprised at what my current problems were related to. Since working with Daneaya, I’ve noticed such a radical change in myself. Not only in the specific life problems we worked on, but also in my awareness and ability to decide what is right for me AND my ability to say no to things that are draining me. I quit my restaurant job on a leap of faith because it was sucking the life out of me and I was unable to do anything else. After a shift I would legit go home and just lay down in bed until the next day. Talk about a lame life. 3 hours after my last shift, a well paying part time job came up that enabled me to exercise and be by myself listening to podcasts while working. I felt so supported. I am completely blown away by how I show up to this one specific problem I had been struggling with for decades. It’s completely turned around. I no longer feel resentment, and that is a very huge deal for me because I have tried so many things to ‘fix’ my feelings towards this problem. I’ve tried… The Sedona Method emotional released, EFT, and counselling and none of that worked as effectively and quickly as Daneaya’s gentle voice, kind and loving heart, and dedication to helping me get the results I desperately wanted. She is a complete angel and I am so grateful so have had her come into my life.


Always an amazing experience of self discovery supported by Daneaya’s professionalism, kindness and her incredible insights! I always feel balanced, centred and more in love with life and the person I am after every session! I would recommend Daneaya to anyone looking to improve their personal situation. I’m so grateful that I made that first appointment!


Daneaya Ziolkoski is an awesome Body Talk Practitioner and can Intuitively read your body… when you can’t quite hear it yourself! Daneaya is definitely on my “Go To” list! I would 100% recommend her services.

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